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Hello and welcome to the site! My name is Gunner. Do you have a passion for wine like I do?

Cameron, website owner of Perfectwinetemp.comI have to admit I wasn’t much of a wine drinker earlier in life. That all changed when I took a trip to Napa Valley and discovered that there was so much more to wine than the stuff you buy at the grocery store.

A good wine will leave an impression on you. Going to a vineyard and listening to a vintner talk about the process of making wine will change the way you taste and think about wine.

It’s an art form.

That’s why I started this site. When you start to learn and enjoy wine more you will invariably start collecting cherished bottles of wine.

If you start collecting wine after visiting vineyards and wine shops, you will need to keep your prized bottles at the best temperature possible.

These bottles represent not only the craftsmanship of how they were produced but sometimes memories of good times spent with family and friends.

I’ve got plenty of bottles in my collection that remind me of meals shared and trips with friends. The memories of these times are conjured up every time I open one of these bottles.

I want to protect those memories. Perfect Wine Temp is about helping you protect not just bottles of wine, but memories as well.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions drop me a line on the contact page. Now, go enjoy some wine!

  • Gunner