Best Under Counter Wine Cooler of 2020: Top Five Picks

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If you leave your wine sitting on the kitchen counter for too long, it’s sure to absorb unwanted heat from a hot stove, sunlight, or other appliances.

To avoid that, you might put your wine in your regular refrigerator, using it as a full-time chiller for your wine. But chances are that you might accidentally break the bottles while reaching for other things in the refrigerator. Also, regular refrigerators aren’t usually made for storing wines.

If you place your wine bottles casually lying in the refrigerator, too many bottles can roll around and can also result in breakage. There is nothing more painful than losing a vintage bottle of wine in such a cruel manner for all us wine lovers!

This is where a wine refrigerator or wine cooler comes in, where you can optimize the temperature of your wine with regards to the best temperature it should be served in. Wine coolers are known for chilling wine to the preferred temperature to enhance both aroma and flavor.

Wine coolers have countless benefits over wine cellars and regular refrigerators, as they create the most ideal conditions for wine storage. The temperature, humidity level, temperature stability, safe storage, and exclusiveness that a wine cooler provides precedes any refrigerator or wine cellar in delivering such results.

Comparison Chart

Colzer 15 Inch Wine Cooler

Kalamera Wine Cooler

SMETA 19 Bottles Wine Cooler

Northair 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

Sinoartizan Wine Cooler

Best Under Counter Wine Cooler Reviews

Colzer 15 Inch Wine Cooler

Anybody who is familiar with the joy of sipping pinot noirs, chardonnays, shirazes or any other type of wine out there, knows full well the value of a good wine storage cooler. The Colzer wine cooler keeps your wine bottles at the most optimal temperature, preserving their richness and all the nuances of flavors and aromas.


This high-efficiency wine cooler is 82 pounds in weight and has a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. It’s a free-standing wine refrigerator that offers consistent temperature for your wine storage. The unit automatically warms up or cools down when it detects low or high temperatures to maintain the most optimal temperature for your type of wine.

The unit features a high-quality compressor that comes with a vibration absorption system, offering a quiet, noiseless refrigeration experience.

The unit comes with adjustable and removable shelves with a storage capacity of 30 bottles in 6 rows. The spacing between each shelf is carefully kept sufficient enough to make a place for 750ml or larger bottles. When you reach for the bottle, it does not move the upper shelf up or damage the label on the bottle.

The digital touch-control display panel on top gives you easy control over the unit. You can monitor and adjust the temperature of the cabinet easily by just tapping on the required option.

The door of the cabinet is made of dual pane temper glass with seamless stainless door trim. The insulated double-panel tempered glass door prevents UV light from damaging the wine, avoids premature oxidation, and keeps the wine in the most optimum condition.

The carbon filter inside keeps the wine fresh, while the modern pole handle makes it easy and comfortable for you to open and close the door without putting in too much effort.

The cabinet is designed in such a way that it seamlessly fits with the overall design of your kitchen, looking like part of the kitchen cabinets you already have.

The cabinet has a built-in universal hexagon bolt lock that keeps your cabinet safe from being accessed by a child.


  • Safety child lock
  • 30 bottle capacity
  • Slide-in and slide-out trays/shelves
  • Luminescent rows for great aesthetics
  • Noiseless compressor
  • Digital touch display for controls


  • None

Kalamera Wine Cooler

The best thing about an under the counter wine cooler is that it seems like part of the counter and provides a safe place to keep your wine collection stored. It also offers a stable and still environment for the wine to retain its flavor and aroma. The Kalamera wine cooler is built to keep your wine collection safe, secure, stable and in proper condition.


This double door wine cooler cabinet is an under the counter freestanding wine storage that has a capacity of 40 bottles at a time.

The see-through double door cabinet doesn’t just offer a full view of your personal wine collection, it also offers dual-zone storage that lets you store your red and white wines separately.

The sturdy doors of the cabinet open in the center and are made of stainless steel with two-layered transparent glass insets.

You can place the cabinet freely anywhere in the kitchen as it takes up a small space in your kitchen area, or install it under the counter or in a bar area.

Inside of the cabinet features 14 slotted beech wood shelves so air moves freely and evenly around each bottle to keep them chilled.

An ambient glow of blue light keeps your bottles illuminated, while the control panel display helps you select between different options and features of the unit.

The thermal meter in the unit retains the memory of the last temperature you set for the unit. In case of power loss or accidental switch off, the unit restores the temperature to the last selection as soon it’s turned on.

If the unit is not properly closed, the alarm beeps and the LCD display starts glowing to alert you about the improper closing of the unit door.

A built-in universal hexagon bolt lock guards your unit, preventing kids from frequently opening the unit and fiddling with the wine bottles.


  • 40 bottle capacity
  • Internal blue light
  • Wooden shelves with fall-proof system
  • Safety lock to protect the unit from kids
  • Digital display for easy controls
  • Minimum compressor vibrations 


  • Shelves do not accommodate large bottles

SMETA 19 Bottles Wine Cooler

Keeping your wine at the optimum temperature might not be the only reason why you should buy an under the counter wine cooler. One of the biggest advantages of a wine cooler is the convenient organization of wine bottles it offers. It makes it extremely convenient for you to store your whole wine collection in one place and access it whenever you want. The SMETA wine cooler is built to keep your wine collection super organized for you.


This one door under the counter wine cooler offers a great combination of style, performance, and ample storage.

It features a sleek design with a glass door that displays your wine collection vividly while giving your counter a stylish look.

The unit comes with a capacity of 19 bottles, with sliding shelves and racks. You can keep the bottles lying down or store them standing in the unit. This offers a great way to separate your red wines from the white ones. You can also store your beers and other beverages in the racks.

A blue interior light produces an ambient glow that showcases the wine collection in a beautiful style. The light is just enough to give the collection a glow but to not damage it with the heat.

A digital touch control display is installed at the top of the unit to give you a clear view of the current temperature while making it convenient for you to select your desired temperature.


  • Suitable for all beverages
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Features shelves and racks both
  • Thermostat is adjustable
  • Noiseless cooling


  • The racks only accommodate bottles of standard size

Northair 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine coolers aren’t just a storage unit or a refrigeration cabinet for your wine; they add immense value to the aesthetics of your kitchen or bar, while profoundly showcasing your wine collection in a stylish way. The Northair wine and beer cooler is built to fulfill the purpose of showcasing your precious wine collection while keeping it safe, still, and at the best temperature.


This stylish and sleek under the counter wine cooler has a capacity of storing 24 bottles at a time.

With 2.7 cubic feet inner capacity, this wine cooler unit is the perfect choice for chilling and storing your wine, beer or champagne.

The design of the unit is purposely made to fit with any kitchen counter, bar, or dorm room.

The cabinet door sports a reversible door with double-layered glass that prevents light and heat from penetrating the glass and damaging the wine. The wine stored inside this cabinet remains fresh and aromatic.

An integrated inner light helps you access your drink at night while keeping your wine collection stylishly showcased in ambient light during your parties and gatherings.

The wire racks inside the unit are removable and adjustable if you want to store taller or thicker bottles.

A digital display lets you control the temperature conveniently while keeping the temperature display at all times.

The door opens 60 degrees to give you maximum access inside the unit while the thickened door hinge prevents the door from slamming and damage the bottles inside.


  • Stores 24 bottles
  • The door opens 60 degrees
  • The LED light illuminates the wine collection
  • Can be used to store beer and champagne


  • The wired shelves are a bit flimsy to hold heavy bottles

Sinoartizan Wine and Beverage Cooler

Wine coolers are often more than just a unit to store your wine collection and keep it at an optimum temperature. Wine coolers are also used to store other cold beverages like fizzy drinks, beers or energy drinks. If you are a wine lover and also a fan of fizzy drinks, Sinoartizan brings you the best of both worlds.


Sinoartizan brings you a dual-purpose wine cooler that not just keeps your wine collection at optimal temperatures, it also stores your favorite fizzy drinks at the best temperature to keep their fizziness intact.

This wine cooler has the capacity to store 18 bottles and 55 cans at the same time, keeping all the wines at the left while separating the fizzy drinks or cans by a door.

The unit comes fitted with a double-layered glass door that blocks UV rays, protecting your wine and other beverages, while the dual-zone design gives you ample storage to keep your favorite beverages organized.

Each shelf is removable and comes with a rolling guide for convenient handling. The guides are also placed to accommodate various types of wine bottles or cans without having them roll over.

A stainless steel curved handle features an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to open the door. The unit also comes fitted with a carbon filter that helps eliminate odors, keeping the wine fresh and ready to enjoy.

A top white LED light illuminates the interior of the cabinet, making your wine collection look attractive and stylish. The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes of turning on, to protect the wines from becoming damaged by its heat.


  • Double door wine cooler
  • Suitable for all bottled and canned beverages
  • Sturdy design
  • Powerful compressor
  • Lockable doors


  • A rather heavy unit

What Size Does a Wine Cooler Have to Be to Fit Under a Kitchen Counter?

A wine cooler that fits under your kitchen counter will generally be the size of your average dishwasher. The dimensions of a wine cooler that will fit under most kitchen counters will be less than 35 inches in height, 23 inches wide, and 22 inches deep.


If you are a wine lover and love storing your wine collection at home, office, or business place, you need the best under counter wine cooler that caters to your wine storage requirements.

Preferably, you want a unit that doesn't just store your wines safely, but keeps them at an optimal temperature, so every time you take them out for consumption or serving, they are fresh and aromatic - just the way you want it! A single door wine cooling unit might be the best choice for someone whose wine collection is limited but of high quality.

However, if you have a large wine collection and have to store other bottled or canned beverages too, you might need to invest in a bigger wine cooler than a single door unit.

In that case, the Sinoartizan Wine and Beverage Cooler is the best under counter wine cooler for you with a total storage capacity of 73 bottles. You can have a wine stock for months without having to put them back in the cellar.

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