Danby 50 Bottle Designer Wine Cooler Review

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The Danby 50 Bottle Designer Wine Cooler is a fit for collectors who prioritize storage volume over more particular technology features.

Its shelves come with storage space for 50 standard-sized bottles. The design of the unit makes it capable of being stored as a freestanding cooler or as a built-in addition to a cabinet or counter.

This makes the Danby Wine Cooler a versatile addition to any home looking for some major wine storage. Whether you plan on entertaining at cocktail parties or are simply an avid collector, it is a solid choice.

Danby 50 Bottle Designer Wine Cooler

The Danby Wine Cooler is a heavy unit built for bulk with space to store 50 bottles and dimensions totaling 23” x 24” x 34” on the outside.

It has room for 6.5 sliding wire shelves and an imposing tempered glass door with a stainless-steel front and handle.

What’s great about this is that it can be built into a counter or remain freestanding in a sitting or dining room.

Its single-zone interior has a temperature range of 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for any wine brand, region, or color you might need to store.

Who Is the Danby Wine Cooler For?

Since the Danby has only a single temperature range and not the dual-zone, independent temperature customization of some of its competitors, it’s suitable for wine collectors with a lot of one kind of wine.

It is also the right choice for you if you have enough wine to store all of a specific color in several coolers.

On the flip-side, it could also be ideal for those who aren’t that particular about mixing the temperatures of reds and whites.

If you would be fine picking a median temperature to go with for your whole collection, then you can take advantage of how much space this Danby cooler offers.

Its somewhat unique ability to double as both a freestanding and a built-in appliance also makes it a choice pick for those who may want to move it around the house or those who are planning on moving at some point.

Danby DWC508BLS 50 Bottle Designer Wine Cooler - Black/Stainless

What’s Included?

Along with the stainless-steel appliance, the box also includes 6.5 sliding wire racks for storage, which feature beechwood highlights on the front for a more stylish look.

It also comes with alternate hinge assemblies, support brackets, and the screws that go with them, which will allow you to change which side the door opens from if you choose to do so.

The interior of the cabinet has an LED light display that matches the display on the digital thermostat.

This also provides more accurate measurements than its LCD counterparts.

Features of the Danby Wine Cooler

The Danby Designer Wine Cooler is a large unit, owing to the storage space; however, the sliding black-wire racks double up on bottles to save on space.

At the same time, you should expect this cooler to require a little help getting out of the box and assembled.

The same goes for the reassembly of the door hinges if you need the door to swing open from the other side.

The LED light display on the interior is soft and produces little heat, providing a nice environment for even cooling.

The stainless-steel doorframe, handle, and tempered glass door give it a slightly more industrial, modern look than some other models.

The evenly cooled interior gives you access to 50 bottles of well-chilled vintage wine for any gathering, party, or dinner.

Danby is known for its precision digital thermostats that read the interior accurately and let you manage the atmosphere to your specifications.


  • Huge 50-bottle capacity
  • Can be a freestanding or built-in unit
  • Digital thermostat with accurate LED display
  • Soft LED internal lighting
  • Reversible door swing
  • Stainless steel front


  • Much uglier than most models in its price range
  • A little too noisy for drawing rooms or entertainment spaces
  • Sliding shelves don’t have rollers, so they shake too much when taken out
  • Power failures reset the temperature to original factory settings

How to Get the Most out of Your Wine Cooler

The Danby Designer Wine Cooler is best for people with a lot of space and a lot of room to maneuver.

This is particularly true if you’re considering keeping the cooler in different rooms at different times or may move in the near future.

If you have a lot of wine of one kind, you’ll get the most out of its huge interior space, which can only be set to one temperature for only one wine’s optimum storage.

Before buying, figure out if you have enough wine of one kind to store or if you’d be okay with a little imprecision between colors.

Also, you would want to calculate the price per bottle, since the Danby may seem to be on the higher end but makes up for it with its huge storage capacity.


The Danby Designer Wine Cooler lacks some features that other brands like Kalamera bring to the table.

These features include dual-zone temperature storage and electronic memory that prevents the cooler’s temperature from changing when the power goes out.

Unlike other options from the best wine cooler manufacturers, this model from Danby also doesn’t have a fully stainless steel construction.

This gives it a more low-key look that should be taken into consideration before purchasing.

However, unlike most units, the Danby is built to be freestanding and can also be built into a counter.

 As such, it has a versatility that some alternatives can’t bring to the table. 


The Danby 50 Bottle Designer Wine Cooler is a high-storage option for collectors who need a large capacity wine cooler.

Its single temperature option makes storing a lot of a single type of wine a viable option for collectors with a high volume.

Its shelves are a little shaky, and its digital thermostat options are below the advanced technology of some of its competitors.

Still, it’s easy to see that this Danby wine cooler is a decent high-yield unit, so long as you’re willing to put up with the noise.

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