Kalamera 30 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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The Kalamera 15 Inch 30 Bottle Wine Cooler is a stunning wine cooler that will store your treasured bottles of wine at the proper temperature.

With the ability to be built-in or to stand freely, you’ll love the versatility and convenience it has to offer.

Storing up to 30 bottles of wine is a dream for most homeowners, especially if you want a beautiful and compact space to keep all of your most prized bottles.

Kalamera 15 Inch 30 Bottle Wine Cooler

When you compare the Kalamera Wine Cooler to other models on the market, you will immediately notice all of the upgrades it brings to the table.

Instead of having a basic black aesthetic, this unit has the perfect combination of stainless steel, black color, and wood, which adds the perfect contemporary touch to your kitchen, office, or entertainment room.

You’ll also love the ample amount of storage you can put to good use, whether you enjoy drinking white or red wine or even champagne.

Within the cooler, you’ll find six individual shelves that can slide out of the fridge for easy access.

The bottom shelf is the most notable, as it has more storage space for larger bottles or if you want to stack multiple containers on top of one another.

Overall, you aren’t likely to run out of space if you’re throwing a big party or need safe storage for your favorite wines.

Who Is the Kalamera 30 Bottle Wine Cooler Meant For?

Even though advertised for wine, the Kalamera Wine Cooler has plenty of ways you can put it to good use, making it a highly versatile option for any home.

For example, if you don’t typically drink alcohol, you can easily store cans of soda or bottles of water on each of the shelves.

This unit is one of the best ways to keep any beverage organized so you can save valuable space in your regular refrigerator.

You’ll also find this cooler to be beneficial if you are interested in elevating your wine drinking experience.

Most homeowners put a bottle in the fridge until it gets cold, but when the wine is kept at the perfect temperature, it’s a whole other experience.

You’ll finally have the opportunity to taste all of the delicate notes in a single bottle when it is at the perfect temperature for consumption.

What’s Included?

The Kalamera Wine Cooler has everything you need to be built into the unit, which makes assembly even more straightforward.

All of the shelves are included, as well as the handle for the front of the wine fridge.

You’ll also have a user manual, which informs you about the available features of the unit and how you can put them to good use.

Overview of Features

Some of the notable features of this product are:

  • Specialized Glass Door

With the addition of the double-layered tempered glass door, you’ll find that maintaining the correct temperature inside the unit is far simpler than with lesser quality wine fridges.

Also, the high-quality glass is less likely to fog with the ideal humidity and temperature range, allowing you always to be able to check on your bottles with ease.

  • 30-Bottle Capacity

On average, wine enthusiasts should be able to hold up to 30 bottles of wine, depending on their size and width.

The more slender the wine bottles are, the more storage you can take advantage of, though with champagne and prosecco bottles, you may only have enough room for a few.

  • LED Controls

You’ll find LED on the front of the cooler’s door, which allows you to change the temperature, turn the lights on or off, and opt whether to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius.

The brightness of the display is also quite notable, as you will find it’s easier to scan the temperature than with other models.

  • Temperature Memory

As an exciting feature that most wine fridges don’t have, the Kalamera model has temperature memory.

If your home loses power or the fridge is disconnected, it will automatically adjust the temperature of the refrigerator to your preferred settings when power is restored.

  • Adjustable Temperatures

Along with protecting your wine during a power outage, you can choose the perfect temperature settings for the bottles you have stored in the cooler.

Homeowners will be able to set the temperature between 40°F and 66°F, a range that is suitable for several different blends.

  • Freestanding Design

Instead of having to build the fridge into your kitchen, you’ll love how this unit can be placed anywhere in your home.

Its freestanding design makes it ideal for entertainment rooms, bedrooms, or home offices.


  • Packaged well
  • Nearly silent
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Easy-to-use locking feature
  • Easily replaces trash compactors


  • Shelves are quite tight
  • Temperature might fluctuate

How to Get the Most Out of It

Installing this wine cooler is far more straightforward than you’d imagine, especially if you had an old trash compactor taking up space in your kitchen.

The dimensions for this unit will make it slide easily into the existing spot in your kitchen so that it will look like it was built into the original cabinets.

Also, you’ll love how it’s a standalone unit that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Ideally, the Kalamera Wine Cooler will operate at its best when kept in a temperature-controlled room.

The hotter the room is, the harder the unit will have to work to maintain a consistent internal temperature.

It’s also a good idea to invest in an internal thermometer so you can guarantee the internal temperature matches what is being displayed on the LED screen.


If you love the idea of freestanding wine coolers and want a unit that is a little more affordable, we recommend the Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler.

It doesn’t have as many innovative features as the Kalamera model, but it may have more accessible storage for you to use.

You’ll also love the recessed pocket handle, which makes the front of the unit appear more seamless as well as the reversible door swing for your convenience.

When added to your kitchen, the Danby Wine Cooler is sure to add an impressive element compared to other traditional wine fridges.


The Kalamera 15 Inch 30 Bottle Wine Cooler is exquisite in design, providing you with more than enough space for your favorite bottles of wine.

Not only will you be able to store alcohol, but there’s also plenty of space for tonic waters, mixers, and non-alcoholic beverages.

To help keep your drinks organized and save space in your refrigerator, it’s a highly recommended appliance to have on hand.

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