Kalamera 46 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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Anyone looking for a stainless-steel wine cooler with a sophisticated look and at a reasonable size would be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with the Kalamera 24” 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

The dual zones give you room to store your collection with the flavor of different vintages all at their appropriate storage temperatures.

If you want to keep your favorite reds richer, or your favorite white wines light and crisp, this is the cooler to get.

Its vintage look, with the black steel on the outside and the beechwood shelves on the inside, makes it a decorative piece in any room.

Kalamera 24” 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This Kalamera wine cooler has been a best seller since its debut in 2016.

It’s designed to give red and white wines the best environment to remain at their appropriate temperatures and a low vibration that keeps their sediments undisturbed.

Kalamera aims to give both casual and experienced wine collectors a modern display piece as well as a cooler that comes with advanced modern utilities.

Some of its noteworthy features include customizable digital controls and an evenly cooled space to keep any wine in perfect storage condition.

Who Is the Kalamera Bottle Wine Cooler For?

This is a higher-end built-in wine cooler for those who want the latest in cooling, storage, and condition control technologies and don’t mind paying a premium price to get them.

The Kalamera cooler is designed for those who are willing to pay for a look of luxury with its sleek steel construction and rustic wooden shelves.

Its features emphasize a mix of automation and customization.

This makes it ideal both for those who wish to be guided by professional technology through their wine storage endeavors and those who crave the best equipment to customize their collection themselves.

Being big enough to store 46 bottles means that only certain collectors need this cooler.

This includes those who are planning on bringing a lot of vintages out of their collection frequently to be cooled and prepared for serving.

Kalamera 24'' Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door and Temperature Memory Function

What’s Included?

The Kalamera Dual Zone Wine Cooler weighs 104.5 pounds and measures 23.4” x 33” x 22.4”.

The handle is included in the box and has to be installed upon arrival.

To contain 46 bottles of wine, the Kalamera comes with five sliding beech wood shelves, which can be removed or rearranged to accommodate bottles that are larger than standard.

There is a safety lock on the front with a hexagonal locking mechanism that can be covered up by one of the spare rubber plugs included in the box.

Additionally, the door swing can be reversed, which requires installing the alternative hinges that also come packaged with the unit.

Overview of the Features

The Kalamera cooler’s stainless steel construction is designed to be sturdy and built-in to your cabinets for extra stability.

In addition, it runs quietly and on minimal vibration to keep the wine sediments as undisturbed as possible, therefore making your wines taste as rich and crisp as they should.

Its five sliding beech wood shelves give off an appearance of luxury, which adds to the incentive to treat the Kalamera Wine Cooler as a display piece.

These shelves are also removable to adjust the arrangement of your collection.

This wine cooler features the dual-zone shelves that promote different temperature ranges for different vintages.

These temperatures can be customized with the smart LCD temperature display that allows you to regulate your ideal conditions, at the top zone from 40 to 50 degrees, and at the bottom zone from 50 to 66 degrees.

Kalamera 24'' Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door and Temperature Memory Function View on Amazon

This wine cooler also features a safety lock to keep children from tampering with the bottles.

A thermal meter, which contains a digital memory that restores the cooler back to the temperatures you set after a power loss, is also included.

This means that you don’t have to worry about a brief power outage resetting your cooler to default temperatures and disturbing your valuable wine collection.

This kind of digital automation is a staple of the premium construction of the Kalamera cooler, ensuring that connoisseurs can rest easy with their extensive collection resting in this wine cooler.

Pros and Cons of the Kalamera Wine Cooler


  • Low vibration cooling system that remains quiet
  • Ability to be built-in to any counter
  • Adds a perception of being a display piece and appliance rather than a mini-fridge
  • Ideally sized shelves to fit an impressive 46 bottles
  • Beechwood shelves give it a vintage look
  • Prevents temperature losses or gains during power outages
  • Equipped with a safety lock


  • Temperature is consistent, but the readout is not always accurate within five degrees
  • Shelves look great but feel a little flimsy
  • Comes at a premium price
Kalamera 24'' Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door and Temperature Memory Function

How to Get the Most out of Your Wine Cooler

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on unpacking and installing your Kalamera 24” 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

Since it’s made of stainless steel and weighs over 100 pounds, you may want to consider asking for help in getting it out of the box and built into your kitchen or sitting room.

This goes for reversing the door as well, whose hinges can be changed with parts in the box to reverse the swing, but which is surprisingly heavy and dangerous to do alone.

To make the most of the Kalamera’s dual zones for white and red wines, research the temperatures ideal for your specific wines.

You should also make use of the easily customizable digital temperature display for precise management of each zone.


The most obvious area in which you can look for other options to the Kalamera wine cooler is in price.

Especially if you don’t need room for 46 bottles, there are smaller 20- to 30-bottle coolers from Aobosi and Wine Enthusiast that have similar features at a lower cost.


The 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler from Kalamera offers a professional-grade storage unit for vintage wines at a premium price.

It comes with advanced modern cooling technology, displays, and temperature customization utilities, and it also makes a classy display piece in any contemporary kitchen.

For those serious about storing a large amount of wine at ideal temperatures and with the low vibration and advanced cooling necessary to keep whites crisp and reds rich, this Kalamera wine cooler is a professional’s choice.

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