Kalamera 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator Review

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The freestanding Kalamera 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator holds an impressive number of bottles.

This makes it ideal for people who love to entertain or to keep an extensive collection of vintages ready for serving at all times.

Regardless of the look of your dining room or kitchen, this mid-priced single-zone refrigerator’s sleek modern design and many exceptional amenities are sure to be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Kalamera 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator

This Kalamera wine refrigerator has been on the market for almost four years.

It aims to give avid entertainers a mid-range cooler that can stand up to any dinner party or tasting needs.

This is thanks to its huge 50-bottle capacity and a freestanding black and silver stainless steel construction.

Its single-zone cooling system comes with touch control that allows you to easily adjust the wine cooler’s temperature with its sleek LED display.

Kalamera aims to make even bulky appliances look like display pieces.

As such, this cooler boasts vintage-looking beechwood shelves (seven in total) and a sleek steel look that fits right into any modern sitting room or kitchen.

Who Is This Product For?

Owing to the mid-range price, this wine cooler is aimed at people who want premium wine refrigeration technology without paying through the nose for it.

Since this compressor wine refrigerator only has a single zone of temperature control, it is not ideal for people with many different kinds and colors of vintages.

It is also not for those who are very particular about what temperature each bottle is stored in.

Instead, this Kalamera cooler is ideal for those that favor a particular kind of wine, such as a large selection of vintage reds or a champagne collection.

What’s Included?

Packaged with the Kalamera Compressor Wine Cooler, you get seven beechwood shelves installed so that you can organize as many as 50 bottles at a time.

A door handle comes separately and must be installed after opening by pulling back the door gasket and gently screwing in the handle using spare parts from the box.

Overview of the Features

The appearance of this wine cooler is designed for beauty in a modern kitchen space.

The black and silver stainless steel body gives off an appearance of utility and luxury.

The smoked glass door is highlighted by internal blue LED lighting.

In turn, it gives off an elegant glow that makes your wine cooler look like a premium display piece rather than a mere refrigerator.

The 50 bottles can be easily viewed, resting on seven beechwood shelves.

These shelves have a rustic look that also allows the cold air of the fridge to circulate around each bottle and prevent them from shaking or bumping into each other.

As previously stated, the Kalamera Compressor Wine Cooler comes with one temperature zone for customizable storage at a single temperature.

Its LED display allows you to easily change its internal temperature, varying from 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, with clear arrows activated by a simple touch screen.

You would also be thrilled to know that its compressor is quiet, making this fridge even better as a display piece in a sitting room or dining room.

Like most other high-end wine coolers, it also operates at low vibration to avoid disturbing the sensitive sediments of the wine.

Fans in the unit, as well as the slat construction of the seven beechwood shelves, promote even and continuous airflow throughout the cooler.

As a result, you can rest assured that every bottle is evenly cooled and perfectly chilled at your desired temperature setting.


  • Beautiful stainless-steel construction
  • Huge capacity of up to 50 bottles
  • Runs at a low vibration and with virtually no noise
  • Tempered, smoked glass front provides a sturdy, classy appearance
  • Easy-to-use touch control LED display for temperature management


  • Has only one temperature zone
  • Shelves are a little delicate

How to Get the Most out of Your Wine Cooler

Owing to the freestanding design of this Kalamera Compressor Wine Cooler, it’s best used where it can be displayed out of the way, such as in the nook of a kitchen or near the table of a sitting room.

Its huge 50-bottle capacity implies that this cooler will play an active role in your entertainment and evening gatherings.

Keeping the blue LEDs on to display the chic exterior and smoked glass door panel in a central area where people are enjoying cocktails is going to make this compressor wine cooler a centerpiece and an appliance full of utility.


The largest area in which this wine cooler could be improved is in its single temperature zone.

This makes it a difficult sell for collectors particular about the specific settings of their vintages, particularly when they would like to store reds and whites in the same fridge.

This is why alternatives, like the NutriChef Dual Zone Wine Cooler, offer more versatility for those who want to store a variety of vintages at customizable temperature settings.

Additionally, the Kalamera’s freestanding construction might be considered bulky in some home spaces.

For smaller rooms, it might be better to opt for a built-in model from one of the best wine cooler manufacturers out there.


The Kalamera 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator makes for an impressive display piece when entertaining.

This is thanks to its stainless-steel exterior shell, as well as its smoked glass door that shimmers elegantly in front of the blue interior LED lights.

It features an impressive holding capacity, convenient touch screen temperature controls, seven wide beechwood shelves slatted to promote airflow, and heavy freestanding construction.

The thing that holds this model back is its single temperature zone.

This feature may turn off the more avid collectors looking for specificity in their control over the internal environment, particularly if they have several different types of wines with varying needs of refrigeration.

Despite this shortcoming, this compressor wine refrigerator has a modern look and a few essential quality technological solutions to convenient wine storage and temperature control.

This model would be suitable at any wine collector’s cocktail party or intimate dinner gathering.

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