Koldfront 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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With enough room for 32 wine bottles, the Koldfront 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler makes a great addition to any mid-range collector’s house at a fantastic price.

Equipped with two cooling zones, the Koldfront cooler can be easily calibrated for diverse vintages and for storing both reds and whites at the same time.

Modern technology advantages like vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, give this wine cooler an even temperature throughout.

This is then easily maintained by digital temperature controls that create a stable environment for wine to rest undisturbed.

Koldfront 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This Koldfront Wine Cooler has been helping collectors maintain their vintages for almost a decade with thermoelectric cooling technology and a classy look.

This is a relatively tall unit, standing 33.5” x 15.75” x 22.5”, so it’s not going to be built into a cabinet.

Instead, it will be a display piece all on its own, much like a small refrigerator.

Actually, it comes in several models, including ones that are even smaller and require less voltage.

Whichever you decide to purchase, you can rest assured that Koldfront wine coolers are designed for a sophisticated, modern look at an unbeatable price.

Koldfront TWR327ESS 32 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Black and Stainless Steel

Who Is the Koldfront Wine Cooler For?

With its dual-zone cooling technology, this wine cooler is perfect for collectors who are on a budget in terms of their cooler but still want meticulous control over the varied needs of their diverse wine collection.

Those who love both a good red wine with dinner and a bottle of crisp champagne at parties will enjoy the advantages of the even cooling system, accessible display, and easy-to-use LCD panels that allow you to manage the temperature of each zone individually.

Its black stainless-steel exterior looks great in any modern kitchen or dining area, and its wooden shelves provide an extra bit of rustic flair.

Those in the market for a freestanding wine cooler with a sleek look that balances a modern exterior with rustic charm can’t go wrong with the Koldfront Dual Zone Wine Cooler, especially at its asking price.

What’s Included?

When you take it out of the box, you will find that this stainless-steel unit is reasonably lightweight, weighing just 57 pounds.

It comes packaged with seven sliding wood shelves that provide stylish, tight storage space for up to 32 bottles.

These shelves promote airflow while also preventing the bottles from jostling.

It has two LCD displays on the front for the dual temperature zones, which will need to be calibrated to your specifications after the machine is turned on for the first time.

Koldfront TWR327ESS 32 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Black and Stainless Steel

Overview of the Features

This Koldfront wine cooler is made of black stainless steel, giving off the appearance of a sophisticated freestanding appliance for any modern kitchen.

Its wooden shelves serve as classy highlights for the cooling chamber interior, while its tempered glass door provides a sturdy, clean display front for your collection.

Though the displays on the front of the unit are old-fashioned LCD readouts, the interior of the wine cooler has soft LED lighting that acts as a showcase for your collection without producing an obstructive amount of light.

Koldfront TWR327ESS 32 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Black and Stainless Steel

Chief among this model’s features is its dual-temperature storage system.

This allows you to directly customize your wine’s storage condition, with a top zone that ranges in temperature from 54 to 66 degrees and a bottom zone that ranges from 46 to 66 degrees.

This difference allows you to customize each zone for your particular vintage, especially if you prefer to store whites and reds separately to keep them tasting as they should, owing to the differences in the evolution of their flavors at different storage temperatures.

Dual control panels with LCD displays allow you to easily change these numbers to match your specifications.

Pros and Cons of the Koldfront Wine Cooler


  • Black stainless-steel front gives off a modern look
  • Dual temperature zones provide customizable storage conditions
  • Perfect for storing different wines
  • Conveniently low priced for the amount of storage available
  • Comes in many versions


  • The interior space is tight for many wine bottles
  • May not fit the maximum capacity of other brands of wine
  • Shelf placement makes it difficult to remove one without rearranging the entire contents of the cooler
Koldfront TWR327ESS 32 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Black and Stainless Steel View on Amazon

How to Get the Most out of Your Wine Cooler

The fact that it was built with the 750 ml 2.75” Bordeaux bottles in mind means that a collection of this particular wine will help you get the most storage space out of your Koldfront 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

As a freestanding unit, it’s also better suited to those who want a display piece in a sitting or dining room as opposed to an appliance in a kitchen, in which case a built-in unit might be better suited.

Diversifying your collection to include a good chardonnay as well as a good pinot will also help you take full advantage of the dual-zone temperature control system of the Koldfront Wine Cooler, which allows you to make concessions for the specific needs of these different wines.


The relatively low price of this unit may turn off those who are looking for a more premium wine cooler, who should instead shop from the best wine cooler manufacturers to find a higher-end option to meet their needs.

The LCD displays are also not very modern and don’t come with as many customization or automation options as their more advanced LED alternatives, such as those of the Kalamera models.

In addition, those who want this appliance to be included in the layout of their kitchen may prefer a built-in unit, since units like the Koldfront are built to be freestanding and cannot be integrated into an enclosed counter or cabinet space.


The Koldfront Dual Zone Wine Cooler features a coveted dual-zone temperature management system at a budget price.

Despite being relatively cheap, it still looks chic in a modern dining area, boasting a slick stainless-steel body, wooden shelves, and soft interior lighting.

Those looking to store multiple types of wines at a budget price and without too many frills in terms of technology, particularly if they’re into Bordeaux, should look no further than the Koldfront Wine Cooler.

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