NewAir 116 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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The NewAir 116 Bottle Wine Cooler offers plenty of storage for your wine passion.

If you love wine and your bottles are starting to accumulate because of your passion, it might be time for a wine cooler of this size.

Being a wine lover, you know it needs to be kept at the proper temperature.

Most people know that it has to be chilled, but the refrigerator may not be the best place to put it.

Often, the fridge is colder than a traditional wine cooler.

In that respect, you may want to buy a special cooler for your bottles of wine, especially those that feature dual zoning capabilities.

If that is the case, the NewAir AWR 1160 DB Wine Cooler 116 Bottle might just be what you’re looking for.

I am going to talk about the features of the NewAir wine cooler to help you understand more about it.

NewAir AWR 116 Bottle Wine Cooler 

NewAir was created in a garage about 15 years ago, and it primarily sold evaporative coolers and air conditioners.

The company now has categories for every part of your house.

The website is where most of the business is conducted, but you can find these items in some retail locations.

Plus, about half of the company’s sales are through third-party e-commerce websites.

This brand wants to become the most trusted name when it comes to compact appliances, and I think it is on the right track!

Who Is the NewAir 116 Bottle Wine Cooler For?

Anyone can purchase and use a wine cooler, but those who often drink wine are sure to find it necessary to have one.

If you have over 100 bottles, then this is the product for you.

This cooler allows you to hold up to 116 bottles of wine, which means you can easily have something for every occasion imaginable.

While it is cold storage, it also helps to protect the wine and allows it to age slowly and properly.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle, Stainless Steel/Black View on Amazon

What’s Included?

When opening the package, you are going to see the large cooler.

There are also 11 racks, the door, and a handle.

Some of the parts may need to be installed upon arrival.

Of course, you also get the owner’s manual.

This booklet tells you how to care for the machine and set it up for the first time.

Overview of the Features

The primary feature here is that you can hold up to 116 bottles of wine with this product.

Plus, it doesn’t distinguish between flavors.

Therefore, you can use it to store red and white wine, as well as larger bottles in the middle.

The cooling system uses a dual-zone compressor cooler, which lets you set different temperatures for the upper and lower zones.

The upper zone can adjust to between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lower zone adjusts to between 50 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle, Stainless Steel/Black

There is also a digital display, which lets you quickly set and monitor the temperature.

Just inside the door, you have push-button controls, and interior LED lighting is also included.

You have gold LED lighting options, as well as dimmer switches built into the machine.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle, Stainless Steel/Black

As such, you can choose how to display your collection.

With the wooden shelves, you are going to be impressed, especially since there are 11 of them, and they all slide outward.

Plus, you get a smooth glide and longer extensions than with other units, which means that it’s easy to access your bottles and load them.


  • Holds 116 bottles
  • Set separate temperatures for upper and lower compartments
  • Set temperatures quickly with push buttons
  • Interior LED lights with dimming capabilities
  • Adjustable wooden shelves


  • Hard to maintain optimal temperatures
  • Hard to fit in 116 bottles (though possible)
  • Not much space between bottles

How to Use It

This product is quite easy to use, but it does take a bit of effort to learn how to.

Once you have installed everything and it is set up, you can set the temperature.

On the panel, you will see a button labeled “C/F.” This is the Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.

Choose whether you want to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The buttons to the right of the C/F button are the up and down buttons for the Upper Zone. Raise or lower the temperature by pressing the correct button.

To the right of the display panel, you have the up and down arrows for the Lower Zone. You raise and lower the temperature by pressing the buttons, which go up and down in one-degree increments.

It’s possible to adjust temperatures to between 40 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit (five to 10 degrees Celsius).

There is also a lightbulb button, which turns on or off the light inside the wine cooler.

At some point, you are going to need to clean the cooler.

To do that, remove everything from inside the wine cooler and unplug it.

Then, you can use a water-and-baking-soda solution.

Use two tablespoons of the baking soda and one quart of water.

Wash the inside thoroughly and then wipe it clean with a cloth.

There is a water reservoir in the bottom of the unit; unscrew it and rinse it with clean water.

You can wipe down the outside of the unit with a mild detergent and water mixture.

It’s also possible to clean the wooden racks; they can be put in a sink of soap and warm water.

You can also wipe them down with a moist cloth.


I think that the NewAir product is an excellent addition to your home.

Nevertheless, we understand that some people may have more than 116 bottles of wine.

In that is your case, you may want to consider the Lanbo Dual Zone Red Wine Cooler.

This model allows you to store 160 bottles that are 750 ml or smaller.

There is also a bottom shelf that can store larger bottles if necessary.

You still get the dual temperature zones, so you can set the upper and lower temps differently.

This allows you to store white wine, as well as red.

Of course, the Lanbo brand features double-paned glass, which not only protects your wine from UV rays but also lets you see your collection.


When it comes to wine, you know you need to keep it chilled and protected.

The best way to do that is by storing it properly in the proper environment. The NewAir AWR 1160 DB Wine Cooler provides the perfect environment.

You can fit over 100 bottles inside and control the temperatures in the upper and lower portion.

This allows you to keep your wine at the appropriate temperature, whether you are storing it long or short term.

Lastly, it is easy to see that it does look beautiful and can match any décor perfectly.

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