Who Makes The Best Wine Coolers

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Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply someone who enjoys a glass of wine with your evening meal, a wine cooler is the ideal piece of equipment to store your wine.

Wine coolers are cabinets with cooling abilities that perfectly suit each of the different kinds of wines. They have transparent doors which can also provide a beautiful display of your wine collection.

Wine coolers can come in sizes that fit snuggly on your kitchen counter at one end of the scale, and compete with the dimensions and capacity of normal refrigerators, at the other end.

As a large number of people enjoy wine, it should be no surprise that there are numerous brands in the wine cooler manufacturing arena.

The Various Types of Wine Coolers

Wine coolers can basically be classified into three categories – single-zone coolers, dual-zone coolers, and built-in coolers. These categories are based on the number of storage areas in a wine cooler as well as the placement of the coolers themselves.

Single- and dual-zone wine coolers are typically standalone units that can hold a fixed number of bottles. They can be placed anywhere, ranging from a kitchen countertop to an outdoor barbecue area. On the other hand, built-in coolers usually have a fixed location inside a kitchen cabinet.

Apart from these, there are also huge wine coolers available that can store more than 100 bottles at once. These are primarily intended for professional use in restaurants and bars, but some extremely enthusiastic wine collectors also own them.

Best Single-Zone Wine Coolers

These have just one cooling area and a corresponding temperature control. They are an ideal option for those who are just starting to develop an interest in wine. They could also be useful for professionals who wish to keep multiple single zone coolers for each of the different types of wines.

Single zone wine coolers consume the least amount of energy and are the easiest to store, maintain, and move.

If you are looking for a single-zone wine cooler, the names that appear the most are NutriChef, Ivation, and Homelabs. NutriChef offers stylish, functional coolers that are perfect for the home. NutriChef coolers not only do a great job of keeping wine at the perfect temperature, but they also present your wine bottles well, thanks to their fogged glass doors with finely designed handles.

Ivation and Homelabs are two more brands with single-zone coolers that are simple in design and deliver effective performance. The 18-bottle wine cooler from Homelabs is one of the most popular on the market.

Who Makes The Best Wine Coolers

Best Dual-Zone Wine Coolers

Dual-zone wine coolers are, in essence, an extended version of single-zone wine coolers. They consist of two cooling zones which come with separate cooling elements. These two cooling zones have their own individual thermostat, which is used to control their temperatures.

The advantage of having two cooling zones is that they can be set at different temperatures. This is ideal when you wish to cool two different types of wine. For instance, red wine is recommended to be stored between 60° and 68° s Fahrenheit, whereas sparkling wine should be between 50° and 55°F.

If you have a dual-zone cooler, the bottles of two wine types can be segregated, and the different recommended temperatures for those wines can be easily set with the temperature controls.

In the category of dual-zone wine coolers, NutriChef appears once again with their easy-to-operate products. The same style and looks from their single-zone coolers are also visible on their dual-zone coolers.

Lanbo and Phiestina offer coolers with special features such as blue interior LED lights, which pleasingly showcases your wine collection. Kalamera is also a highly regarded name in this category with their dual-zone wine coolers renowned for quality and aesthetics.

Best Built-In Wine Coolers

Built-in wine coolers are the most elegant out of the three. This is because they are located in a kitchen cabinet and closely integrated with the design of the kitchen. As they are built into a kitchen cabinet, it is advisable to install them while initially installing the kitchen, rather than trying to add it in later.

For built-in coolers, Edgestar is the name that stands out the most. They make coolers which fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinet, and they have different versions to suit your specific storage needs.

Kalamera also appears here with their high-capacity coolers for those enthusiasts with a large wine collection. They make regular single-door coolers as well as double French-door style wine coolers.

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